Cloud City Escape

Or ‘Grid Labyrinth Shuffle’

Holy mackerel, this inaugural post has been a long time coming!  As a matter of fact, a lot of those of you who might have stumbled upon this blog while wandering around the Internet up through now may often have wondered why it has remained empty thus far.  Well, there are a few different reasons for my prolonged silence.  I’ll try to lay them out here now for anybody reading this post, but I’m unsure how good I’ll end up having been at explaining things, so I apologize for making anyone cringe or furrow their brow in advance.  With that off my chest, let me begin enumerating the misgivings that have prevented me from setting cursor to text box up until this writing.

First of all, it has taken me a while to get up the nerve to put my thoughts out here in the open like this.  Oh, I’ve scribbled and doodled assorted personal musings down in journals and notebooks before, but never before have I considered myself bold enough to broadcast some of my more long-winded ramblings and crazier ideas to the entire Internet.  On the other hand, I have, however, felt perfectly comfortable contributing to myriad discussions on various forums, IRC channels, chat rooms, and subreddits over the years, and I’ve recently started voicing short opinions on social networks like Twitter and Google+ more frequently as well.  The truth, admittedly, is that I’ve always had the impression that devoting oneself to exposing themselves through the contents of a blog at the level of detail expected from one requires a certain degree of commitment with which I am still, to be honest, not entirely at ease.  Only time will tell if I’ll find a posting frequency and rhythm that suits me, let alone figure out what exactly to write in each post, but I’ll take this one step at a time and see how things go.

Second of all and on top of that, my life has lately been…somewhat frazzled.  After going through some highly stress-inducing and brain-bending incidents in the latter years of high school (which I might delve into in more detail at a later date…,) I’ve found myself stuck in a kind of limbo between those and any future post-secondary education.  In the meantime, I’m contenting myself with the fact that I just scored an entry-level position as a page in my local library’s circulation department last October despite wishing I had more income than trickles in from my work in it.  I’ve also been occupying myself by keeping up to date on news in the technology sector, particularly with respect to my interests in video games, programming — to which I hope and intend to get around sooner rather than later, mark my words! — , and computer science in general.  I likewise maintain interests in physics, mathematics, information theory, chemistry, certain subsets of biology and medicine, literature, and geek/pop culture, among other things I can’t think of at the moment.  I’ll admit that this is a bit of an eclectic mix, but, hey, what can I say?  All in all, I suppose you could call me a bit of polymath at some level, but I won’t belabor that point very much here given how the term can sound (sometimes/often more than!) a little conceited under some circumstances.  Don’t take that to mean that I might not have any insights to share on this blog, though — I have call this site ‘Developing Insight,’ after all, so I’ll try to share what lines of thought I think are interesting, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that I came up with them first by a long shot!

Third of all and last, but not necessarily least; there have, up until this point, remained particular pieces of my personal history that I haven’t really shared all that widely, even with or among individuals I know on more than a casual basis, including members of my immediate and extended family.  Some of the people I’ve met in the past may (or most definitely have — those of you have know who you are, so I will embarrass neither me nor any of you by mentioning you now) caught glimpses of or gotten let into confidence about some of these elements that have, over time, become part of my personality despite any consequences of such altercations I might have regretted later.  As any of those reading this here today might guess, what follows may come as a bit of a surprise, even to folks who have more than a passing acquaintance with me, outside of the few small communities of individuals where this is already common knowledge due to my past and continuing presences within them.  That being said, I feel that I’ve stalled long enough on this matter, so, as Admiral David Farragut is reputed to have said during the Civil War’s Battle of Mobile Bay, “D—n the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” (censorship added due to personal preference.)  With that disclaimer out of the way, I suppose it’s high time I finally got around to finishing the act of properly introducing myself to the rest of the Web.  Time for a deep breath…

Hello, my name is Bryce Glover, and I just recently turned 22 on the 8th.  Physically, I’ve been told I look a bit young for a male my age, but I’ll take what complements I can get (wouldn’t you, though?)  I live in the moderately sized city of Kokomo, Indiana, in the United States. Despite becoming diagnosed with high-functioning autism (originally misconstrued as PDD-NOS, but that’s beside the point at this stage in my life) and ‘Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndrome,’ a variant of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, at an early age, I learned to read (mostly by myself, as a matter of fact) by the time I was 3 and my family and I have managed to keep my health pretty stable for quite some time, mostly through an augmentation of minimal medication with a special dietary regimen.  I grew up in an LDS family and have five siblings:  my elder brother Adrian and first youngest sister Elise currently attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah; my younger brother Henderson, also a long-time NIDS patient on top of suffering bouts of epilepsy earlier in his youth (which he has now outgrown, to my family’s great relief,) presently attends the local high school in reasonable health; and my youngest sister Sonja goes to the local middle school here in town (my, doesn’t time fly?  I recall going to visit her in the hospital after her birth relatively clearly even now.)

For future reference, I mostly tend to use the moniker ‘RandomDSdevel’ online these days, so a quick Google search of that rather unique handle should serve to let you all find me everywhere else for the time being, or at least until I link everything together like I probably should.  And now, since this probably wouldn’t have stayed too much of a secret for that much longer, anyway, due to both Google and a slip of the brain on my part, I also (whips out a Hylian shield and ducks behind it, just in case…) have, in a series of incidents that some, including myself, would consider quite happy, found myself sucked into participation in the LGBT/C/Q and furry transformation fiction fandom(s,) as well as the communities from whose intersection that/those one(s) was/were initially formed — bleh, indeterminacy of grammatical numbering can get so…ugly… — under the name ‘WhenCatsFoxesandWolvesFly,’ or ‘WCFaWF’ for short, due to my current (well, my first) fursona, that of a winged anthro cat-fold girl who can also pad along on all fours.

I’m currently mostly based out of the Transformation Story Archive and Shifti, its successor, though I also have visited or have accounts on other TG/furry fiction sites like BigCloset and FurAffinity, though I currently can’t access a good portion of the rest of the TG/furry fiction community because I’ve been shoved behind an indiscriminate (or should that be ‘overly discriminating…?’) content filter against my own will based only on my ‘landlord’s’ (cough, parents’, cough) weakest prior suspicion of my activities on this scene, which has become rather infuriating but which I hope to rectify once and for all soon enough (we’ll see who’s laughing when I finally buy and hook up that extra networking equipment, ha!)  Still, what I haven’t lost touch with is good enough (heck, it’s a sampling of some of the stuff I like better despite some of that being lumped in with the diff and therefore currently out of my reach, though I’ll admit some of the pulp is borderline… — never mind, I’ve probably buried myself in a deep-enough hole already, metaphorically speaking…,) so I’ll take what I can get in the meantime.  I do not, however, have any works of my own up anywhere yet even though I’ve been working on changing this for ever.  Maybe I’ll do some reviews of some of my favorite content here on this blog while I continue to struggle coming up with my own plots, time allowing.  Anyhow, that’s me in a lopsided nutshell.


Catch you all later,

Bryce Glover



P. S.:  Now that I’ve let the cat-folf out of the bag with respect to my allegiances, I’m going to go and (finally!) start a rudimentary Patreon campaign — since I’m short on cash and all, y’know….  Keep an eye on my Twitter for an announcement as to when that goes live, all right?  Donations would be much appreciated.  (Between some stuff I’m getting for a computer I want — What?!?  Macs are expensive! — and the Nintendo Switch gear I’ve been pining after lately, my funds are currently spread… — well, much thinner than I would like, to say the least!)